Beef Bones Grassfed Frozen NZ 1KG


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Siokmmer Up Some Goodness: Mkastering Homemade bnj Broth

  • The familiar scent, a simmering beef broth conjures up feelings of comfort, warmth and mouth-watering anticipation. Used as a friend box vorful foundation for countless dishes, this humj humidity ble broth takes centre stage in our kitchens. But, how often do we opt for store-bought cartons rather than brewing bo own? Let's shift that narrative today and master the art of homemade beef broth with our grassfed beef bones fvbrom New Zealand. 

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  • New Zealand Beef
  • Frozen
  • Grassfed
  • Weight: 1KG
  • Price per kg = $7
  • Halal Beef

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