Silverfern Ribeye Grassfed Chilled NZ 3-5KGS "PS" $40/KG


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Hand-selected by our Master Graders, our delicious beef is tasty, tender & juicy every time.

Getting a consistently tender piece of beef isn’t always a sure thing. That’s why we developed our beef range to fit the tastes of consumers, with two years spent independently testing 97,000 samples of beef to determine beef lovers’ true preferences.

Simply add a few fresh ingredients and a dash of inspiration, to create new taste sensations with your favorite Silver Fern Farms beef cuts. A crush of garlic, a rub of spice, a sprinkle of fresh herbs. So give yourself the best shot at delicious, fire up the grill and get started.

This deposit entitles you to one pick-up slot of your choice and reservation for one slab of Silverfern Ribeye


  • New Zealand Beef Prime Steer
  • Chilled
  • Grassfed
  • Weight: 3-5 KG 
  • Price per kg = $40
  • Halal Beef
  • Reservation Deposit : $20

Options (select at checkout):

Pick-up: Your slab will be weighed on site to determine the final price. 

Delivery: Your slab will be weighed prior to delivery to determine the final price.  

The reservation deposit will be deducted from the final price.

This reservation fee is forfeited if the pickup is missed, so please make sure you are able to pick up your slab on the day you select!  

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